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Hi, I'm Frances Browning

Meditation Teacher & Reiki Practitioner 

I'm Frances Browning, A Meditation Teacher and Reiki Practitioner. I offer meditation classes online

and in person. I also offer in person reiki session from my home in the High Peak area, serving Manchester and the surrounding areas.

I am also the host of The healing Journey Podcast,

a weekly podcast about healing in all it's forms, inspired by my own healing journey from chronic illness.

I was chronically Ill for over five years and through a combination of lifestyle changes, and a variety of holistic healing modalities, I was able to regain my health and my life. Starting with calming my nervous system and creating a deep sense of groundedness from which to feel in to what I needed in order to heal. I now aim to bring this same groundedness to others and to facilitate them in their own healing journey.


My Services

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Reiki translated from Japanese means roughly, universal life force. Reiki can be subtle or quite dramatic. The receiver can feel all sorts of sensations, from releases and blocks being shifted to emotional upsurges. Or simply a calm nourishing energy and a sensation of being held by the universe. Even at its most subtle Reiki can serve as an activation of the body's natural healing process, it can be like pointing someone down the path towards health in mind, body and spirit and making them feel held as they take their first steps. It can reinvigorate the body's natural healing capacity and take you into a deep state of rest and relaxation often far beyond what the person has felt before. 


Learn to meditate, A skill for life.


I offer online group meditation classes designed to gently guide you down in to meditation and to give you the skills you can take away and practice in your own time, empowering you to create your own meditation practice. 

I also offer one on one or small group classes and an opportunity to incorporate both meditation and Reiki into a session if the client wishes. My approach to meditation is to create a calm environment and use a series of techniques to help the client to slowly drop into a calmer state and make them feel held, before instructing them through various stages of a meditation practice specifically tailored to each client. 


"Feeling utterly relaxed and soothed, peaceful and rejuvenated I left my first ever reiki session given by Frances. Her authentic approach was relaxing and she seemed to have such natural healing and impactful skills in reiki. I enjoyed and appreciated every second and most importantly to me connected externally and internally. Very rare! I can’t recommend Frances highly enough."

— Louiza 

Join a Group Meditation Class

At The moment I run twice monthly group meditation classes on zoom.

I will gently guide you through a series of exercises designed to bring you into a deep state of relaxation.


You will come away with practices you can continue at home in your own time as well as an experience of a deep state of relaxation.

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