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Hi, I'm Frances Browning

Holistic Health Coach

I'm Frances Browning,

Health Coach and Integrative Somatic Practitioner. 

I facilitate clients to land in their bodies, regulate their nervous system and though a variety of somatic practices cultivate a sense of embodied safety, from within which we can develop their intuition as to what they most need to regain their health and vitality and co-create their healing together.

I was chronically Ill for over five years and through a combination of lifestyle changes, and somatic practices, I was able to regain my health and my life. Starting with regulating my nervous system and creating a deep sense of groundedness and embodiment from which to feel in to what I needed in order to heal. I now aim to bring this same embodied wisdom to others to help facilitate them in their own healing journey.


Health Coaching

In my one-on-one coaching sessions, I facilitate clients to:

  • Regulate their nervous system, teaching clients how to consistently bring themselves back to Ventral Vagal, a Parasympathetic state which can facilitate healing.

  • Practice a variety of somatic exercises specifically tailored to the clients unique health journey.

  • To learn to trust the body and listen to its signals and deepen into their intuition as to what their symptoms are attempting to communicate and what the body most needs to feel supported.

  •  Utilise a number of coaching tools to help facilitate a deep healing both physically and emotionally and a deeper understanding of self, as well as potentially deepen into a spiritual practice.

  • To lean into cyclical living and practices that help resolve menstrual issues and optimise energy throughout the menstrual cycle.

  • To revisit their personal history looking for patterns, unprocessed trauma, lifestyle stressors and any overlooked factors that may have contributed to getting to a place of dis-ease.



My unique coaching style comes from having personal experience of chronic illness as well as having been trained in Health Coaching and Integrative Somatic Therapy

  • I primarily work Somatically, i.e from the body, or bottom up as we call it in Somatics. With a focus on the bodies' wisdom, our intuition as to what it most needs. Using a variety of somatic tools and practices to regulate the nervous system, I work with my client's to befriend the body, create an embodied sense of safety, shift trapped emotions and trauma. To cultivate the capacity for both a sense of easeful embodied, grounded calm and for resilience and self efficacy in times of difficulty.

  • I also work Holistically, i.e seeing the body as a whole, an interconnected system. While I may to a certain extent work with symptoms separately or come at the clients healing from various angles to get some movement, change and improvement in all areas, predominantly I aim to work towards a general improvement in the client's vitality and quality of life as well as a reduction in symptoms. 

  • I believe in the power of working collaboratively, i.e I believe that my clients and I Co-create their healing, it’s not top down, simply me telling them what to do or ‘healing’ them. Whilst I do lead the client through certain practices and explore with them certain modes of thinking and of understanding healing. Equally I want to hear from them about what they think might be needed for their healing, their own intuitions and insights, as I can never know their body as well as they do, thus they are the ultimate authority on their body and I will defer to their bodies' innate wisdom.

  • My work is Trauma Informed, i.e I have been trained to work with trauma as and when it arises in a Health Coaching session and to create a sense of safety for the client, as well as being able to facilitate the client to move the trauma through if and when they feel ready to do so.

 I specialise in working with Chronic Illnesses, in particular in the areas of:

Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, EDS, Gut issues, Anxiety and Menstrual symptoms such as P.M.S, pain and irregularity.


Join a Group Meditation Class

At The moment I run twice monthly group meditation classes on zoom.

I will gently guide you through a series of exercises designed to bring you into a deep state of relaxation.


You will come away with practices you can continue at home in your own time as well as an experience of a deep state of relaxation.

Join a class below


 The Next round of The Embodied Woman+ : A circle starts October 7th. 


Come join us as we explore the ways in which the modern world leads to the disembodiment of women+, share our experiences of how this has showed up for us in each of our lives and learn practices together to help us get embodied.

To Register 

  1. Click the link above to the circle's Eventbrite page to claim your space

  2. Send me your name and Email, via my contact sheet below, email or Instagram

Make sure you follow both steps

This circle is the culmination of so much learning, intuition and intimation of what it is that we as women, non binary people and anyone who identifies with the feminine, need to learn, or in most cases relearn and unlearn in order to come home to our bodies, claim the wisdom they reveal ,rediscover our intuition and a deep and grounded sense of self . To reclaim our bodies as our own in the face of so much focus on the external, the way they appear on the outside, which is often posited higher than how we feel within ourselves. 

Against the backdrop of a society which doesn’t value the feminine.

To its detriment. 

This relearning of feminine wisdom is the medicine the world needs. Not just women+. But it has to start with us. 

Come join me, Thursday evenings at 8.00, starting the 7th October, for four weeks, as we embark on this exploration of the feminine and all she has to offer us. 

Spaces are limited! so as to keep it intimate. 

*** This circle is suitable for women+ , non binary people, trans women (because of course they are women) and any non-men who are interested in exploring the feminine are welcome. 

This circle will be an inclusive safe space and those who sign up will be agreeing to uphold its values. 

Please note session 3 does have a heavy focus on embodiment in relation to the menstrual cycle . People who do not menstruate and wish to skip this session are welcome to a 25% refund.

To any men reading this who feel excluded and are genuinely interested, send me a message, I may create an offering for men in the future. 

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